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Spotless! Maintenance Membership


One monthly payment keeps your home looking great year round!

Packages starting at just $30/month!

What's included in one low monthly price....

  • 4 Maintenance Gutter Cleanings per year (A cleaning every 4 Months)

  • 4 Exterior Window Cleanings per year (A cleaning every 4 Months)

  • 1 interior window cleaning per year.

  • Yearly Pressure Cleaning of decks, sidewalks or patios.

  • Discounts for our other services like House Washing and Roof Cleaning

The true benefits...

✅  Big Discounts on services you need!

✅  Your windows will ALWAYS be clean

✅  Your gutters will NEVER get clogged.

✅  Your home will STAY looking fantastic. No more last minute scrambling to prepare it for company and special events.

✅  One less thing to worry about.

✅  Set it and forget it.  We come out automatically and take care of your home.  No scheduling appointments or arrival times.

How Does it Work?

Who Can Join?

This program is available for customers who have hired and used our services previously and want to maintain their home for one low monthly price.

What about scheduling?

No hard scheduled appointments for exterior services.   We don’t set a specific arrival day/time for the services, so you don’t have to worry about being there.  We will inform you of the week we will be arriving ahead of time and keep you updated once we do the work.

Are 4 Cleanings really needed?  Our program is not only set around your convenience, but it makes it easier for us too!  Rather than having to ‘catch up for lost time’ we simply maintain the clean. 

                 “Its easier to keep clean what is already clean!”

Are there any Requirements?

Yes, just a couple…

No gutter guards.  The home must be free of gutter guards and any gutter coverings.  We can help with removing them if needed.

No screens on windows.  The screens on the outside of the windows of the home must be removed.  We can offer a one time assistance with removing them and storing them on your property if needed.

Monthly Payment Agreement.  A minimum 1 year agreement is needed to lock in your price, as well as a form of payment that can be charged monthly.

How can I get a quote?

Previous Customers: Let us know we’ve worked for you before.  We will gladly gather your quotes based on info already in our system.

New Customers:  We will gladly gather your price estimates and present them to you.  Just give us a call or get your estimate online.

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Dirty panels?

Solar Panel Cleaning

It is reasonable to assume that solar panels can lose 15-25% of their efficiency if not cleaned properly.

We have the appropriate solar panel cleaning equipment to clean your solar panels in a professional way.

Solar panels do not have any moving parts, which is why there isn’t a whole lot of maintenance to take care of. However, cleaning is one aspect of solar panel maintenance that should not be taken lightly.

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