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Your Peace of Mind Starts Here: Our Service Terms & Conditions

Understanding Our Terms: A Foundation for Trust and Transparency

Welcome to the dedicated space where transparency meets client reassurance. The Terms & Conditions outlined below form an integral, legally binding portion of the contract agreement between you, our esteemed client, and Spot Services Pure Wash LLC. These terms are designed not just for compliance, but to ensure a clear, mutual understanding of expectations, responsibilities, and the professional standards we uphold in delivering our services.

By choosing our services, you’re agreeing to these terms, establishing a framework that protects both your interests and ours. This agreement confirms our commitment to provide you with high-quality services while outlining the guidelines that enable us to operate efficiently and effectively. From payment agreements to our rescheduling policy, and our approach to unforeseeable delays, each clause is there to ensure smooth sailing from our first interaction to the completion of each service.

Remember, these terms are here for your benefit, to clarify what you can expect from us and to provide assurance that we’re fully committed to your satisfaction and legal protection. Engaging with our services signifies your acknowledgment and acceptance of these terms, solidifying our partnership based on mutual respect and understanding.

Comprehensive Terms and Conditions for Spot Services Pure Wash LLC

Welcome to Spot Services Pure Wash LLC. These Terms and Conditions are supplementary to the contract agreement you’ve entered into with us and are referenced within your contract as legally binding components of our agreement. By accepting the contract, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to these additional terms.

Legal Age and Responsibility
By entering into this agreement, you affirm that you are a legally responsible adult, over the age of 18, and possess the authority to form legally binding contracts under applicable law. This agreement assumes that you have the legal right and capability to engage in this contract regarding the property and services detailed.

Service Description
Spot Services Pure Wash LLC agrees to provide professional cleaning services, which may include window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and low-pressure house washing (soft washing), among others. The specific methods, tools, and techniques utilized will be determined by the Contractor based on the service requirements and property conditions.

Payment Terms

  • Payment is expected on the day of the service visit or before.
  • Accepted Payment Methods: Credit card (via invoicing software), check, cash, ACH payment. Note: Credit card payments are not accepted in person or over the phone.
  • Late Payment: If payment is not received within 30 days of service completion, it will be considered delinquent, potentially constituting theft of services.
  • Legal Action for Non-Payment: Failure to remit payment may lead to legal actions including claims in small claims court or debt collection efforts. The Client will be responsible for any associated costs or fees.

Service Schedule and Timing

  • Service Window: The contract agreement specifies a one-month window during which the services will be performed. This approach allows us to ensure flexibility and efficiency in our scheduling, accommodating for weather conditions and other external factors that may influence service timing.
  • Scheduling Arrangements: As the one-month service window approaches, our office will contact the Client to set up an exact day for the service. Clients will be notified in advance of the scheduled service day to ensure awareness and preparation.
  • Day of Service: For gutter cleaning and house washing services, we may not provide an exact hour of arrival but will specify the day on which we will be present to perform the services. This allows our teams to manage their schedules effectively and adapt to unforeseen delays or needs from prior appointments.

Service Schedule and Changes

  • The service frequency and types (e.g., interior and exterior window cleaning) will be agreed upon in advance.
  • The Client may request changes to the service schedule or type by providing at least 60 days’ notice. The first change request will be processed without additional charges; subsequent changes will incur a $50 processing fee.

Sale of Property

  • If the property under contract is sold, the original contract holder remains responsible for the agreement’s terms until its expiration or transferal.
  • With the consent of the new homeowner and the Contractor, the contract may be transferred to the new homeowner under the existing terms.

Force Majeure
The Contractor is not liable for delays or failures in service delivery resulting from circumstances beyond reasonable control, such as natural disasters, severe weather, or unforeseen governmental restrictions.

Non-Liability for Indirect Damages
Spot Services Pure Wash LLC shall not be liable for indirect damages, including loss of wages or similar losses, arising from service delays, rescheduling, or cancellations.

Access and Safety
The Client is responsible for ensuring the property is safe and accessible on the day of service. This includes securing pets and removing any hazards. Failure to do so may result in service delays and additional fees.

Contract Termination

At Spot Services Pure Wash LLC, we understand that circumstances can change, leading you to need to terminate your service contract earlier than anticipated. We aim to make this process as straightforward and fair as possible for both parties involved.

Early Termination by the Client:
If the Client finds themselves in a position where they need to cancel their contract ahead of its natural completion, we require written notice to be provided at least 30 days before the next scheduled service. This notice allows us to adjust our scheduling and resource allocation efficiently.

Cancellation Fee:
A cancellation fee of $50 will be applied for the early termination of the contract. This fee helps cover the administrative and operational costs incurred by Spot Services Pure Wash LLC due to the premature cessation of services.

Balance Due:
Upon early termination, the Client will also be responsible for the balance of the price difference between the normal (non-discounted) price and the discounted price for all services rendered up to the point of cancellation. This adjustment ensures fairness, reflecting the value of the services provided under the terms of the discounted contract rate.

Notice Submission:
Written notices of cancellation should be sent to the contact details provided by Spot Services Pure Wash LLC. We recommend email or certified mail as reliable methods of communication, providing clear records for both parties.

Final Settlement:
Once notice is received, Spot Services Pure Wash LLC will calculate any outstanding amounts, including the cancellation fee and any balance due based on the early termination terms. An invoice for this final settlement amount will be issued, payable within 30 days of receipt.

Confirmation of Cancellation:
Upon settlement of the final invoice, the contract will be considered officially terminated, and both parties will be released from further obligations under the original agreement, barring any terms that are intended to survive termination.

Questions or Concerns:
We are here to help. If you have any questions or need clarification regarding the process of contract termination, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team is committed to ensuring a transparent and supportive experience, even when services come to an end.

Cancellation and Rescheduling

  • Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance to avoid fees.
  • Rescheduling on the day of service may incur a fee added to the subsequent service invoice.

Agreement Acceptance
Engaging with Spot Services Pure Wash LLC’s services signifies the Client’s acknowledgment and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. The Client’s contract references this document as an integral and legally binding part of our service agreement.

Modifications to Terms
The Contractor reserves the right to modify these terms as needed. Clients will be notified of significant changes, which will also be posted on this URL.


Thank you for choosing Spot Services Pure Wash LLC for your property maintenance needs. Our Terms and Conditions are designed to ensure a transparent, fair, and efficient service experience for all our clients. By agreeing to these terms, you are not just securing a service; you are partnering with us in maintaining the beauty and integrity of your property.

We are committed to delivering high-quality, reliable services and to upholding the standards of professionalism and care that you expect and deserve. Your trust in us is valued, and we strive to exceed your expectations with every service we provide.

Should you have any questions or require further clarification regarding these Terms and Conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist and ensure that your experience with Spot Services Pure Wash LLC is nothing short of excellent.

We look forward to serving you and building a lasting relationship based on trust, quality, and satisfaction.

Contact Us:
For any inquiries, service requests, or additional information, please contact our office.

By engaging with our services, you affirm your understanding and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. We thank you for your business and trust.


The Team at Spot Services Pure Wash LLC