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          We Provide:
✅  Commercial And Residential Services
✅  Pressure Washing
✅  Window Cleaning
✅  Gutter Cleaning
✅  Low Pressure Roof Cleaning
✅  Discounts for Repeat Services
✅  100% Contact Free Estimates
  Serving Maryland and Delaware.

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Residential Services

✅  Interior and exterior window cleaning
✅  Screen Cleaning
✅  Soft Wash Stucco Cleaning
✅  Hard Water Stain Removal
✅  Rust Stain Removal on Glass, Masonry and Concrete
✅  Low Pressure Awning Cleaning and Sealant Application
✅  Low Pressure siding and exterior surface cleaning
✅  Low Pressure Roof Cleaning
✅  Gutter Cleaning
✅  Exterior Gutter Brightening
✅  New Construction Window Cleaning
✅  $2 Million in Liability Insurance

Residential Cleaning Services Easton Maryland PRessure Washing, Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning
Commercial Window Cleaning Easton Maryland

Commercial Services

✅  Storefront Window Cleaning
✅  Hard Water Stain Removal
✅  Sidewalk Pressure Washing
✅  Commercial Roof Cleaning for Entire Complexes
✅  Gutter Cleaning for HOA and Apartment Complexes
✅  Commercial Awning Cleaning
✅  Cleaning for Industrial and Commercial Complexes
✅  Commercial Gutter Cleanings
✅  Apartment Complex Gutter Cleanings
✅  Exterior Fascia and Siding Pressure Washing
✅  Rust Stain Removal from Brick/Concrete/Glass/Stucco
✅  Construction Cleaning of Glass.  Stickers/Glue Removal

Commercial SErvices

Questions we get asked a lot...

Yes!  The black streaks are actually an infestation of algae that feed on the elements within the shingle.

Our cleaning methods are solely based around low pressure methods and are recommended by both the Roofing Association Of America and Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) to safely treat your roof and protect it.  We never use high pressure on shingles!

We are extremely careful when spraying any and all soaps.  All plants are pre rinsed before a roof treatment begins, and after as well.  Our investment in equipment allows us to spray a roof using telescopic poles that minimize any potential overspray and keep the soaps where we want them.

The white spots or bunches you might see after a roof cleaning are not spots we missed!  They are actually lichen patches or bunches of moss growth -  both of which produce a root system that digs into your shingles.  Our pressure less soap application kills them on contact, but we don't pull them off, or blast them off, so as to not damage the shingles.  They will be washed away gently with the coming rains and will leave no trace of their existence.  Give it a couple weeks, we promise.  If for whatever reason they still are there, let us know and we'll take care of it.

Once the organic debris on a roof are neutralized , it should take a considerable amount of time for them to return.  With that in mind, we offer a 3 Year 100% Guarantee with one of our roof cleaning packages.  If anything should return within 3 years, we will clean that area for free.

Absolutely not!  Modern soaps and methods are far more advanced and do a much better job.  The primitive days of pressure washing are far behind us, and the only thing that still deserves to be put "under pressure" are brick and concrete.

Yes! We use Eco-Friendly soaps and EPA approved mildewcides to elimate the unwanted green at its source.  In addition to safe soaps, we pre rinse and post rinse all nearby plants.

Our eco-safe soaps kill the mildew microscopically, providing the most thorough cleaning that can be had.  Depending on the surrounding humidity, rainfall, and shade,  a house wash can last several years.  For homes located in lots of shade, they might need to be cleaned more frequently.

Windex seems to be great for everything-EXCEPT GLASS!  Everything we use is professional grade.  Exterior windows are generally cleaned with a brush and ultra pure water, which leaves the windows gleaming and spotless.  Interior windows are done by hand, using squeeges. 

Many modern homes feature "paladian" style windows over the entranceway.  In most cases, we will use an extension pole with specialized fittings first, then if absolutely necessary we will use ladders and clean the windows by hand. 

Many of our customers enjoy clean windows year-round.  Most homes should have an interior and exterior cleaning at least once per year.  We recommend having the exteriors cleaned a minumum of 4-6 months after an initial interior and exterior cleaning.

Solar panels are delicate, and carry electricity - obviously!  When cleaning solar panels,  we might rinse them down with a low pressure water spray to break up heavy debris before we scrub them and rinse them with our brushes.  You should never use soap on solar panels and solar panels should never ever be pressure washed.

Our focus is on quality and safety.  We've invested in specialty equipment that lets us clean most gutters from the ground.  For stubborn gutters, we use appropriate ladders with stabilizers to best reach the problem.  One of the most dangerous things, which we avoid, is bringing a bucket up the ladder.  It's safest to use a leaf blower and blow the debris out, then clean up any mess that's made. 

We provide 100% contact free estimates!  We can quote almost all residential jobs with just a few photos or by accessing online real estate databases.  Commercial jobs might require an in person visit, but the majority of smaller projects can confidently be quoted using just a few photos.

Absolutely.  We wouldn't want an uninsured contractor on our property, and we'd never do that to you.  Each job we do carries a 2 Milliion Liability Policy.

Pressure Washing, Roof Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning

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"Scott was absolutely incredible. The service was phenomenal. Scott was very attentive to our needs and went above and beyond to make sure our home was washed properly. Highly recommend!"
Tom Miner
"The great experience with Spot Services started with the first phone call. The receptionist was friendly, patient, and knowledgeable. The actual service was prompt and to perfection. Everything was gleaming from decks, to gutters, to patios beyond my expectations. A friendly, responsive and honest proprietor topped off the experience."
Carrie King
"Spot Services did an amazing job! What a world of difference to our siding. The process was quick and easy from the quote process to paying the invoice. I highly recommend using them!"
Nikki Reeder
"I have used this company services twice and both times they have been great. They have great customer service and return calls promptly, in addition the work is great! They even give you before and after pictures of the job. I will using them every time I need my house Power washed, and the gutters cleaned out."
Melina Patterson
"No brainer. Great service. If there is something that needs to be washed, Scott will figure it out."
Colin Walsh
Tunis Mills
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We've been serving our customers since 2004

     We started with storefront window cleaning in 2004, and since have expanded to residential window cleaning, low pressure house washing, concrete and brick pressure washing, low pressure roof cleaning and gutter cleaning.  We carry insurance for both commercial and residential work, and have an excellent track record of safety and customer satisfaction. 

     Staying up to date with the newest methods in the industry is very important, and its a common feature of our business to update equipment and processes.  Since we are a small business, still owner operated, our focus is on the highest quality work, and complete trustworthiness while in you home or on your property.

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We have been operating in Maryland’s Eastern Shore since 2004, maintaining both residential and commercial properties in Maryland and Delaware.  We provide a professional level of exterior cleaning that will add instant curb appeal and value to your home or business.  We are fully licensed and insured, and offer on-time service, competitive pricing and free estimates.


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